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Introducing a new family member



we´ve got a new family member!



Her name is Bailey (No, it was NOT my suggestion, although I did vote for it once the name was mentioned XD)

She´s an eight week old husky and already got two nicknames "el diablo" an "demon" XD One reason is: she ´s literaly trying out her teeth on everything, including floor covers and - big fat minus - the wire for the internet! XD

quite big for her age and very active when she´s not sleeping - which she managed at most 4 hours in a row, never longer and often shorter.  Bailey already dominates Balu, the other dog in my brothers household. which is not very surprising, considered Balus survivaltactic includes looking deeply hurt and playing the drama queen, once you even look at him the wrong way.


Originally my brother didn´t want another dog for at least a few years, but the owner of the mother decided to kill every puppy, who did not get a new home ._. My sister was furious and wanted his address  and my brother took at least Bailey. (fortunately her 8 brothers and sister also got new homes.)


so, now we´ve got a very energic new family member. She´s a lot of fun, but I´m curious, what will be destroyed next! 




19.2.10 20:02


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(22.2.10 13:47)
awwwwwwwwwwww T___T
how cute *___*

wooah den musst du mal mitbringen *___*


Kenjin (23.2.10 12:52)
she is damn cute!!! <3 *____*

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