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a touch of boredooommmmmm XD

Heyho DUDES,

it's time for the next entry!

So, what have we done, the last day's and week's..


-> VincentShooting:

Yes, my heart visited me, and we made some photos of us XD'



and noy some of Lemon.. yes~ she as Vincent X3

  [[ more?.. so watch here->  http://vogelscheuche.deviantart.com/ ]]

and she made some photos of our victim Miyavi, watch here ;D


->Visitor TILL on board with a lot of informations for us!

we used the winter-weather for some testshoots with our cams.. and u can see, i stalked him and miyavi XDD'..gomen!~ or not XP


-> some Cosplay in progress:

It's/ was a wish from my heart,... and okay.. i will do it. A Rai-cosplay (lamento)for her... so we managed a deal between us.. and ~ we started our lamentocosplay. So let see what happend

BUT.. she flashed me with a manga... fairycube from kaori yuki..

so i made a little suprise for her... a little THX for my new flash XDD


me as Raven. Why? Because it's a  another wish of her.. °____°v and she will made kaito <3

-> ...boredom:

.. and what i have done? This, with miyavi XD


.. no comment XD'

After our shooting we visited Jarni and her fam. We met the little Husky *_____* she is so damn cute!!! <3


sooo that was it.

over and out, kenjin



23.2.10 16:38


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